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About Hi Kolkata

The Idea

Delhi never had any specialty eatery worth the depth of Bengali cuisine. So Hi Kolkata has been developed to meet and exceed the expectations of the Bengali cuisine loving crowd of Delhi.

Beautiful sitting arrangements and wonderfully decorated ambiance make Hi Kolkata a perfect place to visit with family and friends. Visit the place and savor the authentic Bengali Cuisine at its best.


Our Speciality

Hi Kolkata

For the first time in Delhi we present to you a Fish Speciality Restaurant serving more than 20 types of fresh fishes and brought everyday to be used at our restaurant or sold at our shop downstairs, so no deep freezing or stale fish, we only serve fresh fishes and authentic Bengali dishes. We serve more than 110 types of nostalgic bengali dishes, so come and savour our delicacies.



It’s the delicious fish and rice preparations accompanied with the rasbhare Bengali sweets. West Bengal is well known as the land of maach (fish) and bhaat (rice).

The various preparations of fresh water fish and a vast range of rice dishes is Bengal’s specialty. The typical Bengali cuisine is now divided between the Independent country of Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal. Bengalis are great food lovers. It is since the yester years you will be appalled to find the time and money they spent on food. Whether it is marriage ceremony or any other occasion, it’s a party time for them. Bengali food has won the hearts in all the delicacies they have presented to the world.

It’s not only the mutton, fish and vegetables but the variety of sweets and array of fruit dishes, they have made popular around the world.